Jeep Wrangler Electric Hard Top Lift

Motorized hoist lift system for Jeep Wrangler, 2 door and 4 door models (Fits all years). Comes complete with harness.... Yes, 100% complete and ready to install!



We want your business and will ship this product out ASAP!
Thank you,
Aaron Scott
CCO  "Chief Cruizin Officer" ;) and Owner.

  • 440 pound maximum lifting capacity which is more than enough for your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop.
  • Same assembly as the Brake Winch Model except for the motor winch.
  • Electric Motor is a 110 volt universal plug, which is standard in all U.S. homes.
  • Control switch to operate electric motor winch for ease of use. (this hangs down from the top of the mounting bracket down to the bottom level of your Jeep Wrangler hardtop)
  • Very easy to assemble. Comes assembled in the large shipping box.

THESE HARDTOP LIFTS ARE IN STOCK! We ship WITHIN 24-48 HOURS AFTER YOU ORDER MONDAY - FRIDAY. Once you place your order online, we will then send you a tracking number to your email address the minute it ships! We can even do a 1-day delivery for the additional shipping real time costs. So, if you get your order in before 3:00PM PST M-F, you can have it tomorrow. We suggest that you simply do a ground delivery which costs less and still only takes 3-5 business days for delivery M-F. To get the ball rolling, simply click the "add to cart" button!

Your Jeep Wrangler hardtop stores just inches from the top of the ceiling!

Regular Price: $615.00

Sale Price:$287.00 *In Stock, Ships Within 24 - 48 Hours!

Jeep Wrangler Electric Hard Top Lift

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Product Q&A

I would like more information on the installation of this hoist such as can the hoist be mounted on a side wall and if so are the pulleys supplied?
No, what you will have to do is mount it on the top ceiling, directly above where your hardtop lift will be raised.
Does the speed of the hoist need to be doubled down or is there a control on the motor to control the lowering speed?
Our electric motor winch has one speed; Slow. This insures that your hardtop will be lifted smooth and safe!
How does the hoist attach to the car top, with straps or is there a curved bar under the top?
There is a custom mandrel bent bar(excluding Jeep hoist) that is specifically designed for your vehicle with a protective padding that you will cradle underneath the window section of your hardtop. This insures that your top will be held efficiently and most importantly, without damaging your hardtop's weather rubber trim.
Does the top swing when hanging? How precise does the car need to be under the hanging top for alignment back on to the car?
Yes, the top can swing. With the Electric Motor Winch, you simply use one hand to control the lifting button, and one hand to steady the top as it raises... if it actually does start to turn or sway. The top only weighs around 80lbs, so if it does start to sway and move around, it will not fall off the lift system. Our lift systems are secure. If you are using the Brake Winch version, you will simply raise it slowly, and if it does start to sway or move, you will stop the lifting, grab control of the hardtop, then proceed. Again, your hardtop is secure, so you will not have to worry about it falling off!
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated since I have a one car garage and I have a garage door opener to work around. The garage isn't very deep and the location of the top on the car sits directly below the opener motor. I may need to offset the hoist to pass the rail of the opener or back the bird in and hang the top behind the opener.
You called it, in your last line when you said, "to back your car in and hang the top behind the opener". That's your best option. If you were to hang the eye bolt hanger or Electric Motor Winch on the side of the garage door opener motor on the top ceiling, you would then have to be more careful with lifting and lowering the hardtop down to your vehicle. We do not suggest this, although it is possible.
I only have an eight foot high ceiling?
As long as your ceiling is 6 feet high, you can install any of our Hardtop Lift Systems for your cherished roadster!
Does the Brake Winch and Electric Motor come with the Support Cradle and Harness Assembly or do I have to purchase that separately?
The manual pulley, the Brake Winch and Electric Motor all include Support Cradle and Harness Assembly as well as all necessary hardware and fasteners.
In your photo it would appear that the weather stripping is resting on the support cradle. Doesn't it become damaged over time?
The weather stripping is actually higher than the hard inner head liner. The contact points between the padded support cradle and the hardtop are with this hard inner head liner. Thus the weather stripping is not effected.
Can I leave my hardtop hanging in the hoist?
The hardtop is supported and balanced at three points in such a way that does not strain the structure, does not touch the paint and does not effect the weather stripping. You can cover your suspended hardtop and leave it up and out of harm's way for as long as you need to.
How high does my garage ceiling have to be?
Your ceiling can be as low as six feet. It's generally a good idea to back your car into place for the removal and replacement procedure. This will accommodate a lower ceiling height and the hardtop will be over the hood of the car when you park normally so you wont bang your head getting in and out of the car. Also, the lifting cable will be far enough into the garage to prevent interference with the garage door. The greatest advantage is replacing the hardtop - you can lower the hardtop to just a few inches higher than it would be as it sat on the car. This will make it very easy to back your car under it for a perfect alignment and absolutely safe replacement.
Which lifting system do you recommend?
All three lifting systems are very safe and easy to use. Of course, the easier it is to raise and lower the hardtop the safer it's going to be. The electric lifting system has a little box which houses the control switch and is small enough to allow you to actually use both hands to help position the hardtop as it is lowered onto the car.
How difficult is the installation?
The installation is quick and easy. If you have a ladder, a 1/4' drill, a phillips screwdriver and a 9/16" socket you can install any of the three systems and have the hardtop removed from you car in about 45 minutes.
Is this really a "one person" operation?
Both the manual pulley system and the electric winch are truly a one person operation. Since the brake winch mounts to a wall stud it's necessary to be able to reach both the crank handle and the hardtop to make this a one person job. If you must park your car a farther distance from the wall you may need a second person to turn the crank handle.
With a Hard Top Hoist Lift installed. What is the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the suspended hardtop?
Manual Hard Top Lift, 5ft. Brake Winch Hard Top Lift, 4ft. Electric Hard Top Lift, 5ft.
What is the guarantee?
The guarantee is very simple: If at any time you're not completely satisfied with any Hoist Lifts product you have 30 days to return in for a refund.

Great Product!
A couple photos of my Hoistlift installation for my jeep. The manual lift was a breeze to install and appears to be very well made. Taking top off and reinstalling it is now an easy one person job...just the way I wanted it.
I'm very pleased with your product!

Jim W.
Houston, Tx.

Jeep JK HardTop Lift
JK Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Jim W.


Attached are some photos. The installation was a real easy one person project. I had it installed and the top off in about an hour. The most difficult part was making sure I hit the center of the studs.
Great product. Great price. Highly recommend.


Jeep TJ HardTop LiftTJ Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Brandon Barron


Please find attached some pictures of the lift installed. So far it is working great! It keeps our jeep hardtop out of the way, out of all our kids toys, and the lift makes it easy to put back onto the jeep once the colder months come back to visit. We have recommended your product to several of our friends.
If you would like any other info please let us know.

Meghan and Pat Damron

Jeep JK HardTop LiftJeep JK Hard Top Lift
JK HardTop LiftJK Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Meghan and Pat Damron


This was the easiest and best solution for your hard top. I followed the instruction and first try it went just like you guys said. What a great place to store you hard top. I'm sold.
Greg Joseph

Jeep Wrangler HardTop Lift

Pictures, compliments of Greg Joseph


Dear Aaron,
Please find attached the pictures of my lift installed. The garage has an eleven foot ceiling, and the vehicle you see in the foreground is a Durango . It shows you how much higher it is than another vehicle. It is working very well and I am very happy with it. A friend asked me what lift I was considering, and when I told him yours, he said great, as he had one already.
Please let me know if you need any further information.

Vince Jeep Hard Top Lift Jeep Hard Top Hoist

Pictures, compliments of Vince McCauley


Aaron, the lift went in with little help, and works well. Jeep Hard Top Lift Jeep Hard Top Hoist

Pictures, compliments of John Dillard


The lift works great....Thanks for a great product! Jeep Top Lift

Photo, courtesy of Michael Shea


This hoist is all that and more! It lifts my 2007 4 door jeep wrangler hard top off with out even trying! It also doubles as a lift so I can change the oil and fix the brakes on my four wheelers without a problem! You can use it for lifting just about anything!!
Craig Whitehead

4 door Jeep Hard Top Lift 4 door Jeep Hard Top Lift


We love the hoist and the freedom it gives us with our Jeep.
Not the best pix, but I am about to go out of town, so I can't take anymore right now.

Patti Lue Shue (April 2013)

Jeep JK Hard Top Lift Jeep HardTop Lift

Pictures, compliments of Patti Lue Shue

Hi Aaron,
I just pulled the top off for the season a couple weeks ago. Works great. Had the top hanging for about 4 months last year. Easy to use, and install. It only took about an hour. A couple pics are attatched. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Dave Fields (Feb 2013)

Jeep Wrangler JK Hard Top Lift Jeep HardTop Lift Jeep Top Hoist Lift

Pictures, compliments of Dave Fields

Aaron, I finally had a chance to install it. It works fine and was a fairly easy installation.
Ronnie Marcum

Aaron, The Hardtop hoist arrived safe and sound! The quality is quite superior and the instructions are clear and understandable ! Thank You for your help.
Sincerely, A.J. (9-20-09)

IN reply to the above testimonial, here is A.J.'s followup message:

Aaron, My Hardtop Hoist went together beautifully, just like the directions said, take your time, understand it. Adjust it to fit your top. I cannot believe how effortless it is to remove the Hardtop! I wanted to be able to remove the Hardtop by myself and now I can! I can leave it up by the Garage ceiling or set it on my hardtop stand. What a great Hoist!
Sincerely, A.J. Roden (9-24-09)

"Thanks for your prompt response and quick service. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends if they are in the market for a hoist."
Thanks Again Aaron,
Nik Guiler (May 1st, 2006)

Jeep Hard Top Lift
Jeep Hard Top Lift

John P's Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Lift in action!

John P
The Woodlands, Texas (11-28-07)

"Aaron, thank you for your quick reply, I know why your company has great reviews on products and service."

"Rec'd the top hoist and it worked like a charm with some help from my son and son-in law. I don't think we could have removed the top without it. Thanks !"

"Received the Hard Top bag and Cart, they work great!"
J. J.

"I love the quality and the security that comes with having my new Hoist, Thanks!"

"Thanks, great Hoist lift!"

"I wish I would of known about your Hoist Lifts 2 weeks ago, before I dropped my Hardtop."



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