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"I got my hoist lift right after I got my Jeep Wrangler with hard and soft tops in early 04. I checked out numerous products on the market and found yours was the best for me. I have not been disappointed since. I can see since then your website has gotten bigger and better... Your hoist enables me to swap tops without help and very efficiently...Installation was a breeze, as is hoisting on and off my Wrangler. Thanks for a well made and ingenious product! It makes having dual tops a lot more fun!" John P
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Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Hoist Lift Systems

Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Hoist Systems

The Jeep Wrangler Hard Top Lift System is a necessity for all Jeep Wrangler owners!

Jeep Wrangler Electric Hard Top Lift - Fits all models

Electric Motorized Jeep Hardtop Lift System Complete.  View item details

Regular Price: $615.00

Sale Price:$287.00 *In Stock, ships within 24 - 48 hours!

Jeep Wrangler Brake Winch Hard Top Lift - Fits all models

Brake Winch system, complete with harness.  View item details

Regular Price: $315.00

Sale Price:$227.00 *In Stock, ships within 24 - 48 hours!

Jeep Wrangler Manual Hard Top Lift - Fits all models

Complete with harness, ropes, and everything you need.  View item details

Regular Price: $215.00

Sale Price:$149.00 *In Stock, ships within 24 - 48 hours!

Jeep Hardtop Transporter Cart

Jeep Hardtop Transporter Cart. Fits all models  View item details

Regular Price: $219.99

Sale Price:$199.00 *In Stock, ships within 24 - 48 hours!

Hardtop Protection Cover for use with hardtop lift system or while you store your hardtop in your cart.

Hardtop Protection Cover.  View item details

Regular Price: $107.00

Sale Price:$87.00 *In Stock, ships within 24 - 48 hours!

Here is a good example why you should own a Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Lift:

One of our valued customers , Perry in California, unfortunately, dropped his Hardtop just two weeks after buying his car. He tried to move the top by hand, which was difficult, even with two people, and the hardtop still accidentally dropped on the ground. After that, he ended up buying a hardtop lift system, and then emailed us this message after he received his hoist;

"I wish I would of known about you guys two weeks ago before I damaged my Hardtop".

Don't learn this lesson the hard way. Invest in a solid Jeep Wrangler Hard top Lift System that will last the life of your Jeep Wrangler!

What is a Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Lift?

The Jeep Wrangler Hoist System enables just one person to remove and install the hard top very easily! This Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Lift System is designed to store your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop for long periods of time without damaging your Jeep Wrangler's Hardtop.

If you plan on keeping your Jeep Wrangler around, then, this is one of those products that you must own. The very small investment of this Jeep Wrangler hardtop lift system is a bargain, considering that it will eliminate the need to have another person always assist you with the continuous, removing and installing, of your Jeep Wrangler hardtop; let alone, eleviating, the big danger factor of the possibility that you might hurt your back, or damage your Jeep Wrangler and/or hardtop.

This Jeep Wrangler Hoist was designed to balance the Jeep Wrangler Hardtop for long periods of time without damaging the paint or weather stripping.

You absolutely need to invest in a Jeep Wrangler hardtop lift system if you plan on the constant removing of your hardtop during the seasons. Try our Jeep Wrangler hardtop lift system out, and if your not 100% satisfied, then very easily send it back. (FYI we have had 1 returned hardtop lift system returned to us since 2002!)

Brake Winch Hardtop Lift Model Specifications:
  • One person safe with stable hardtop lift control. (Here is something to think about: you do need to make sure that you keep your hardtop in the preferred engaging installation position, while, you lower it down to your vehicle, to re-install your hardtop. To do this, you will need to crank the brake winch with one hand, and, with the other hand, you will then, need to position it, while it lowers. It's nothing to really worry about, but, this is why we offer the 100%, one person operation, with our "Electric Motorized Winch System". It simply gives you a little more control. See details below)
  • 5:1 Brake Winch with Auto Stop for an easy lift of your hardtop
  • Designed to support your Hard Top from the center section to the center bottom rear section (below rear window) by rubber soft padded material support brackets.
  • Padded cross tube and down straps.
  • Very easy to assemble. Comes assembled in the large shipping box.
  • Your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop stores just inches from the top of the ceiling.
  • Packaged and assembled in the USA of high-quality USA steel material and webbing.
Electric Motorized Winch System Hardtop Lift Model Specifications:
  • 440 pound maximum lifting capacity which is more than enough for your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop.
  • Same assembly as the Brake Winch Model except for the motor winch.
  • Electric Motor is a 110 volt universal plug, which is standard in all U.S. homes.
  • Control switch to operate electric motor winch for ease of use. (this hangs down from the top of the mounting bracket down to the bottom level of your Jeep Wrangler hardtop)

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Hey guys,
I just got done installing my Hoist Lift today and am very happy with how it turned out. I bought the motorized one and was worried I was not going to have enough clearance with my low garage roof but it worked, by a couple inches! I wanted to send you some pics of it so you can use on your website for testimonials.
Happy customer,

Dominic Ferretti,

Electric JK Hard Top Lift
JK electric Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Dominic Ferretti


Great Product!
A couple photos of my Hoistlift installation for my jeep. The manual lift was a breeze to install and appears to be very well made. Taking top off and reinstalling it is now an easy one person job...just the way I wanted it.
I'm very pleased with your product!

Jim W.
Houston, Tx.

Jeep JK HardTop Lift
JK Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Jim W.


Attached are some photos. The installation was a real easy one person project. I had it installed and the top off in about an hour. The most difficult part was making sure I hit the center of the studs.
Great product. Great price. Highly recommend.


Jeep TJ HardTop LiftTJ Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Brandon Barron


Please find attached some pictures of the lift installed. So far it is working great! It keeps our jeep hardtop out of the way, out of all our kids toys, and the lift makes it easy to put back onto the jeep once the colder months come back to visit. We have recommended your product to several of our friends.
If you would like any other info please let us know.

Meghan and Pat Damron

Jeep JK HardTop LiftJeep JK Hard Top Lift
JK HardTop LiftJK Hard Top Lift

Pictures, compliments of Meghan and Pat Damron


This was the easiest and best solution for your hard top. I followed the instruction and first try it went just like you guys said. What a great place to store you hard top. I'm sold.
Greg Joseph

Jeep Wrangler HardTop Lift

Pictures, compliments of Greg Joseph


Dear Aaron,
Please find attached the pictures of my lift installed. The garage has an eleven foot ceiling, and the vehicle you see in the foreground is a Durango . It shows you how much higher it is than another vehicle. It is working very well and I am very happy with it. A friend asked me what lift I was considering, and when I told him yours, he said great, as he had one already.
Please let me know if you need any further information.

Vince Jeep Hard Top Lift Jeep Hard Top Hoist

Pictures, compliments of Vince McCauley


Aaron, the lift went in with little help, and works well. Jeep Hard Top Lift Jeep Hard Top Hoist

Pictures, compliments of John Dillard


The lift works great....Thanks for a great product! Jeep Top Lift

Photo, courtesy of Michael Shea


This hoist is all that and more! It lifts my 2007 4 door jeep wrangler hard top off with out even trying! It also doubles as a lift so I can change the oil and fix the brakes on my four wheelers without a problem! You can use it for lifting just about anything!!
Craig Whitehead

4 door Jeep Hard Top Lift 4 door Jeep Hard Top Lift


We love the hoist and the freedom it gives us with our Jeep.
Not the best pix, but I am about to go out of town, so I can't take anymore right now.

Patti Lue Shue (April 2013)

Jeep JK Hard Top Lift Jeep HardTop Lift

Pictures, compliments of Patti Lue Shue

Hi Aaron,
I just pulled the top off for the season a couple weeks ago. Works great. Had the top hanging for about 4 months last year. Easy to use, and install. It only took about an hour. A couple pics are attatched. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Dave Fields (Feb 2013)

Jeep Wrangler JK Hard Top Lift Jeep HardTop Lift Jeep Top Hoist Lift

Pictures, compliments of Dave Fields

Aaron, I finally had a chance to install it. It works fine and was a fairly easy installation.
Ronnie Marcum

Aaron, The Hardtop hoist arrived safe and sound! The quality is quite superior and the instructions are clear and understandable ! Thank You for your help.
Sincerely, A.J. (9-20-09)

IN reply to the above testimonial, here is A.J.'s followup message:

Aaron, My Hardtop Hoist went together beautifully, just like the directions said, take your time, understand it. Adjust it to fit your top. I cannot believe how effortless it is to remove the Hardtop! I wanted to be able to remove the Hardtop by myself and now I can! I can leave it up by the Garage ceiling or set it on my hardtop stand. What a great Hoist!
Sincerely, A.J. Roden (9-24-09)

"Thanks for your prompt response and quick service. I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends if they are in the market for a hoist."
Thanks Again Aaron,
Nik Guiler (May 1st, 2006)

Jeep Hard Top Lift
Jeep Hard Top Lift

John P's Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Lift in action!

John P
The Woodlands, Texas (11-28-07)

"Aaron, thank you for your quick reply, I know why your company has great reviews on products and service."

"Rec'd the top hoist and it worked like a charm with some help from my son and son-in law. I don't think we could have removed the top without it. Thanks !"

"Received the Hard Top bag and Cart, they work great!"
J. J.

"I love the quality and the security that comes with having my new Hoist, Thanks!"

"Thanks, great Hoist lift!"

"I wish I would of known about your Hoist Lifts 2 weeks ago, before I dropped my Hardtop."