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"I got my hoist lift right after I got my Jeep Wrangler with hard and soft tops in early 04. I checked out numerous products on the market and found yours was the best for me. I have not been disappointed since. I can see since then your website has gotten bigger and better... Your hoist enables me to swap tops without help and very efficiently...Installation was a breeze, as is hoisting on and off my Wrangler. Thanks for a well made and ingenious product! It makes having dual tops a lot more fun!" John P
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Our Hard Top Hoist employs a lightweight aerospace 6061 T6 "drawn" (this is a shaping process which retains structural integrity) aluminum tube with each end having a mandrel bend of a 4" radius. This tubing is used inside another high-density foam tube with a half-inch wall thickness.


The assembly constitutes a very lightweight, sturdy and upholstery-friendly Support Cradle that supports the hardtop securely from beneath, avoiding paint and weather stripping. The hardtop is balanced with a connected harness of nylon seat belt webbing that is sewn with heavy-duty polyester thread to the required length. Your hardtop can be suspended indefinitely. All hoists include your choice of lifting systems: the manual pulley, the brake winch or the electric motor winch.

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